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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Presidential election renews concerns about Pell Grants

The Congress has accomplished the Pell Grant Program in 1972 to provide the financial aid to the needy students who want to study but they do not have much money. Pell Grant does not repaid, students do not have to return it back to the college.

But When the Presidents election happens, the Pell Grant has been renewed, let review its renewal

Pell Grants Growth

Academic Session
Total Enrolment
Pell Recipients

Data Source : ajc

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Win Google Doodle competition for 2012 and get Scholarship for your college

Win Google Doodle competition for 2012 and get Scholarship for your college

Google has revealed their Doodle competition 2012 and announced the winner prize, they give €5,000 for college scholarship and €10,000 school technology grant.

About Google Doodle competition

Google used to arrange a competition of their Google Doodle in which you have to make Doodle for Google. This is displayed in google home page for whole one day and winner gets a prize instead of it. The winner will be getting scholarship also for their college education.

The theme of the competition is 'my invention for this year'. For your information, the won doodle could be seen in April 2013 for one day.

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Monday, 8 October 2012

Large Grant Aims to Increase Number of Math, Science Teachers

Who say that NSF does not help the university and college. This is the perfect example you can see. Here it is! The National Science Foundation(NSF) help the Claremont Graduate University in the recruitment of the teachers in math and science.

There are total $800,000 grants money received by the Claremont Graduate University to train their teachers, it is highest need of public schools, they need to train their teachers. They will develop 40 new teachers in the next five years under this program called NSF's Robert Noyce Scholarship Program. This program really helping the universities and colleges to make their courses and teachers up to the mark.

For that, they are running various program to improve their quality of the public schools. Teacher Education Internship Program is the big example of that. Such programs are in boom because there is a high demand of good teachers in United States. The Government want to build their next generation very educated.

Robert Noyce Scholarship Program has cured this problem before the government, it has taken action against this problem and guide the teachers, so that trained teacher can teach their students and make wonderful future of the country.

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Holmes had $26,000 grant for studies

Mass Shooting James Holmes will get $26,000 grant for his studies, this has been said by University of Colorado Administration.

Holmes who is 24 years old, there is a incidents happens in Holmes Life, so that government offered him a grant for his study.

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