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Saturday, 28 November 2015

James Patterson $100K Scholarship Grants To Twenty Manhattan College Students

James Patterson $100K Scholarship Grants To Twenty Manhattan College Students

You are happy to see that James Patterson who is the world's best selling authors. will be offering more than $100,000 worth of college scholarships to twenty college students of Manhattan College.

The James Patterson Scholarship is currently in its fourth year of acknowledging and fulfilling the academic success and management potentials of the students at Manhattan College for those who are getting education-related courses.

James Patterson $100K Scholarship Grants
James Patterson $100K Scholarship Grants

The total 20 scholarships recipients are getting such wonderful scholarships for their merit and need based grant on Manhattan college different activities.

Here is 10 Junior Students List:

Rachel Gerard,
Cathleen Giordano,
Goldie Gunawan,
Megan Heaney,
Christopher Hoey,
Adriana Irizarry,
Roman Kuzmiak,
Jenifer Martin,
Klaudia Maslowska, and
Amy Oliva.

Senior Students List:

Adele Foster,
Celena Gonzalez,
Kaitlin Hargaden,
Paige Hughes,
Kaitlin Lang,
Nicole Moore,
Kelly Paulemon,
Marissa Piazza,
Valerie Scarinci, and
Nimra Shabbir.

Total Number of Student: 20
Total Grant Amount: $5,000

About The James Patterson Scholarship

Each year, The Patterson Family Foundation honors grants and scholarships to students at 22 various colleges and universities around the nation.

The Patterson Family Foundation provides multiple scholarships for students at the subsequent schools, which are also the alma maters of James and Sue Patterson:

Vanderbilt University
University of Wisconsin

The Patterson Family Foundation also grants James Patterson Teacher Education Scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students that are learning education and are dedicated to teaching careers. The Patterson Family Foundation presently funds Teacher Education Scholarships at the following schools:

Appalachian State University
Emporia State University
Florida Atlantic University
Howard University
Michigan State University
Montclair State University
Morgan State University
State University of New York–Geneseo
Texas State University–San Marcos
Towson University
University of Alabama
University of Arkansas
University of Florida
University of the Pacific
University of Pennsylvania
University of San Francisco
University of Southern California

Best Selling Authors

James Patterson Awards More Than $100K Scholarship Grants To Twenty Manhattan College Students

List of schools that accept the teacher grant program

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Corvias Foundation scholarships and grants for spouses and children

Corvias Foundation scholarships and grants for spouses and children

Corvias Foundation has launched the application for scholarships and grants for children and spouse for 2016. Grants and scholarships from Corvias foundations are available for 2016. The foundation will support the military families, so that they can take higher study.

Scholarships and grants amount: $6 million

Corvias Foundation scholarships and grants for spouses and children
Corvias Foundation scholarships and grants for spouses and children

They will support spouse and childrens who has been in active-duty service since 2006.

Applications available for 2016

Educational grants for children, spouses of active-duty service members

Applications for the 2016 scholarships and grants must be processed by Feb. 11, 2016, and we are able to be awarded to high school elderly people with plans of participating a four-year university or college. All scholarship or grant applicants will be informed of their grant status by the end of April.

Applications for the 2016 academic grants must be processed by May 5. Grants are given in the amount of up to $5,000 to spouses of active-duty service members stationed at Edwards AFB.

Number of grants :  20 recipients and applicants may be in any stage of the educational process.

All candidates will be notified of their grant status by the end of July, 2016.

Check Available Scholarships and Grants in Corvias Foundation Website

About Corvias Foundation and its scholarships

Corvias Foundation operates collectively with students, college and universities, military families and our workers to inspire people to achieve higher and make contributions to communities in a more significant way.

Corvias Foundation was made in 2006 by John G. Picerne, creator and chief executive officer of Corvias Group (initially designed as Our Family for Families First), to assist people and families achieve their educational objectives and goals through scholarships and grants. In the previous seven years, the Foundation has devoted more than $4.5 million directly to the education and learning of Americans devoted to and capable of adding to the future of our country.

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