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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Hope Scholarship for Tennessee Student's Assistance

The TSAC(Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation) had been created by the Tennessee General Assembly in 1974 with the merging of two corporation called Tennessee Educational Loan Corporation and the Tennessee Tuition Grant Program.


The HOPE Scholarship (Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally) created in 1993 under the guidance of Georgia Governor Zell Miller, is Georgia's unique scholarship or grant and grant program that rewards learners with financial aid in degree, degree, and certification programs at eligible Georgia community and private institutions, and community technical institutions.

If you are a Tennessee residents and pass out from a Tennessee high school in 2013, you may be qualified for Tennessee Hope Scholarships. You have to complete the FAFSA(Free Application for Federal Student Aid) of 2013- 2014.


* Must be a Tennessee Residents
* Completed FAFSA
* Must be passed high school from Tennessee Schools

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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Application for Native American Student Scholarship

The National Association of Social Workers are going to provide scholarship to Native American communities students, scholarship proposed by one of the student directors in CA. She comes from the Hoopa Nation CA. It is a great step by her. We would like to thank her for this effort.

The Scholarship details as follow:

Scholarships Amount: $1,000

Total number: 20

Whom: Native American undergraduate or graduate social workers in CA

Students who are undergraduate, if they want to apply for the same, they must have to registered in a Council on CSWE (Social work education).

Application Deadline: From 1st Feb to 31st May 2013

Ask your question to

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bright Futures Scholarship Florida

Bright Future Scholarships in Florida has been started to emulate Georgia state Hope Scholarship. Gerogia is neighbor state of the Florida State. It is just like Hope Grant, i.e merit based grants started by Florida Lottery in 1997.

Official Website :

The Bright Futures program enable to apply academic scholarship based on your merit for any public and private colleges and Universities.


To apply for Bright Futures Scholarships, you should have good credit scores in various courses with good GPA(Grade Point Average) marks. Check out the details[]

How to apply for Bright Futures Scholarships

You must go through the first Initial Student Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) during the last year of your school.

May be this list of Scholarships will be beneficial for you.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sun Life Grants and Scholarships Atlanta students

Sun Life financial has come with $110,000 Grants and Scholarships, they decided to provide financial support to Atlanta non profits organization and Rising Start Students. There are two community called Fugees Family and Andrew and Walter Young Family YMCA which will be benefitted from this financial support by Sun Life Financial.

According to the Sun Life Financial, Each organization who will win this the Sun Life Rising Star Awards program will be given $50,000 grants and scholarships and a scholar students will be selected from that who will get $5,000 college scholarships. The non profits and students in Atlanta, Boston, South Florida, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Houston and Chicago will be benefitted from this program.

To Know more about Sun Life Financial, Andrew and Walter Young Family YMCA, Fugees Family, Kindly Visit this Press Release of the Sun Life Financial.

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