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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Saraswati Dalmia Scholarships

The University of California Berkeley Saraswati Dalmia Scholarships

The University of California, Berkeley has setup a scholarship program called Saraswati Dalmia Graduate Students Support Fund to the South Asian Students who are well versed and doing graduate in Hindi.

Scholarships Amount : Flexible

Eligibility for students

For all students who are currently enrolling themself and those studens who are already enrolled will be eligible for the awards

Awarded by : Vasudha Dalmia(Professor of Hindi and Modern South Asian Studies, Berkeley)

Visit :

About Saraswati Dalmia Scholarships Program

Saraswati Dalmia Scholarships will be awarded every year to an MPhill and PHD studens who are doing research in the same field of study.

Dates & Deadline: 31st January, 2013

How to Apply, Apply Online and

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