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Thursday, 21 August 2014

UTS Vice-Chancellor’s Outstanding Achievement Scholarships in Australia

The University of Technology Sydney is available to offer up to five Vice-Chancellor’s Outstanding Achievement Scholarships to top high school students valued of $12,500 per annum. This scholarship is rewarded for whole duration of the scholarships recipients of both undergraduate and Honours Degree.
UTS Vice-Chancellor’s Outstanding Achievement Scholarships

Application Last Date: 2nd December 2014

The University of Technology Sydney Australia is offering up to five Vice-Chancellor’s Outstanding Accomplishment Grants to top high school students. This famous scholarship is rewarded yearly for the duration of the recipient’s UTS Undergrad level and an Honors level, if applicable. The Vice-Chancellor’s Grants cannot be deferred.

Number of Grants and Scholarships: Up to 5 scholarships will be provided.

Duration of Grants:

Whole duration of Both Undergraduate and Honours Degree

Scholarships Provider: University of Technology Sydney


1. Citizenship of Australia or New Zealand
2. Should have Australian Permanent Resident visa or permanent humanitarian visa
3. GAP Year Students
4. Achieved an ATAR or equivalent of 95.0
5. Gap year students only: Must apply using the UTS online Top level Grants Application form.

Grant Amount: $12,500 per annum.

Apply Online:

Application period

Opening date: 01 September 2016
Closing date: 09 December 2016

For further information contact

UTS Scholarships Office
Phone: +61 2 9514 2527

For more information visit

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