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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Troops to Trades Scholarship by Nexstar Legacy Foundation

Troops to Trades Scholarship

Every year Nexstar Legacy Foundation provides up to 20 scholarships to students who are training to perform in a organization that offers home or commercial plumbing related work, heating/cooling or electric solutions.  This contains students seeking management degree placements in this trades, as well as learners pursuing technological exercising to work as technicians and support providers.

Started in 2006, the base scholarship program has already granted $150,000 to learners in this field. The online application people pursuing a technical profession is started until July 19th.

Available Scholarships to Apply

Jim “Buddha” Potts Scholarships – Over $10,000 Available!

AC Pro – $5,000 HVAC Scholarship!

Other Scholarships For Veterans

Nexstar Legacy Foundation

The Nexstar Legacy Foundation began as a desire to deliver a channel for persons in the home service market to give back to their group. Businesses in the plumbing related, HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration) and electric businesses presented financing to begin the foundation in 2005. The foundation instantly started off to provide the community via its scholarship program, developed to attract skills to these industries. In addition, the base continues to focus on fund raising through events and other actions in order to increase its business solutions to the community.

Troops To Trades is dedicated to helping military veterans

Troops to Trades Scholarship by Nexstar Legacy Foundation
Troops to Trades Scholarship by Nexstar Legacy Foundation

  • Support and develop the Troops To Trades application, providing veterans through profession location choices, training grants and scholarships for careers in the trades

Recent News on 18th October 2015

Nexstar Legacy Foundation announces Troops to Trades scholarship winner

Since its creation in 2006, the foundation has granted more than 100 scholarships, totaling over $350,000

The Nexstar Legacy Foundation declared the awarding of its AC Pro – Troops to Trades $5,000 Scholarship to Ethan Amano. See Official News.

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